The work world is evolving.  We're transforming health coverage to meet your changing needs. Provincial government health plans do not fully cover the costs of many health care services, leaving you vulnerable.  GSC's supplemental health and dental plans can fill those gaps and provide you with the protection you need. Take a look:

GSC Health Assist CORE

Concerned about out-of-pocket health care expenses? As an association member, you're eligible for the GSC Health Assist CORE Association plan - coverage designed specifically to meet your needs. Whether it's basic coverage you want or more comprehensive coverage, Health Assist CORE plans can help protect you and your family from both unforeseen and routine out-of-pocket health care costs. Best of all, applying is fast and easy. It's that simple.

Green Shield Canada (GSC) is a solutions-oriented, national not-for-profit health and dental benefits specialist. We stay in tune with our customers' needs, and develop effective solutions to provide added value. We realize that individual circumstances may vary. If you have questions or need advice about your health and dental insurance needs, please contact your licensed insurance advisor. (To confirm contact details, just visit the Contact Us section of this site.)